• Driskill Staycation
    Travel & Lifestyle

    Driskill Staycation

    2017 was quite a busy year that was filled with travel. That’s why I booked a staycation for my husband and myself for Christmas, so we could lay back and relax.…

  • Casual Leather Jacket Look

    Casual Leather Jacket Look

    A leather jacket is so versatile that you can create very different vibes with it. During my visit to Chattanooga, I created this outfit with my classic Veda leather jacket, a…

  • Why I started this blog
    Blogging & Creativity

    Why I Started This Blog

    In 2013 I launched my food blog Omnivore’s Cookbook and I turned it into a full-time business. Once I’d had a taste of being an entrepreneur, there was no going back.…